What My Clients Say

testimonials  …got rid of headaches and backache…cannot recommend enough… really works!”

“Sarah has got rid of my headaches and backache!  I cannot recommend her enough.  Craniosacral Therapy is so relaxing and it really works!” GR

testimonials  …colic, reflux…after just two treatments, he is a like a different baby!”

“….my five week old baby was unsettled, colicky all day every day and suffered terrible reflux.  He couldn’t be put down!  After just two treatments, he is like a different baby!  Calm, happy, sleeping and feeding so much better.  Thank you so much Sarah, I feel like I can really enjoy being a mum now, you are amazing!”

testimonials  …fatigued, stressed, major trauma, as well as children…I’ve seen many great results.”

“I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. Her relaxing and incredibly powerful treatment is so needed in today’s fast paced society. As a Nutritionist I often recommend this therapy to help people who are fatigued, stressed or have had major life trauma as well as children. It works so well and I’ve seen many great results, including in myself. Sarah is incredibly good at what she does and is such a lovely person!” JC

testimonials  …anxiety in children…worked miracles for us!”

“I didn’t realize that Craniosacral Therapy could help to treat anxiety in children, but I saw an article that Sarah had written, got in touch and talked through my daughters symptoms. Sarah felt she could help and wow, what a difference we have seen. Even from the first session we saw an improvement!  My daughter is now symptom free, she really enjoys her sessions and finds the treatment very relaxing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah. She has worked miracles for us!” CP

testimonials  …head… better after just one session!  You worked miracles!”

“…my head has been about 80% better after just one session!  You worked miracles, I just feel so much better, I can’t tell you how much!  Can’t wait to see you again for my next session thank you so much!” DF

testimonials  …my back is much better!”

“.. my back is much better! It felt better straight after my session with you and has continued to improve. Thank you!” SI

testimonials  …sleeping so well…unbelievable how much has changed! …thank you for ‘fixing’ our little girl”

“…. is doing so well.  She was fantastic when we were away and still has been sleeping so well when since we have been back – we have had no problems at all.  Both myself and my husband are pinching ourselves – we can’t believe how much she has changed and improved in the sleep department and every morning when we wake up we just can’t believe that we’ve had another night of uninterrupted sleep!  We went through two years of very little sleep night after night and it is just unbelievable how much has changed! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for ‘fixing’ our little girl and having such a big, big impact on all our lives.” RR

testimonials  …grateful….change my life… incredible person and therapist…”

“I found it very hard trying to find the right words to describe how I feel and it felt that “gratitude” is just not enough but it is the one I have to use. I feel so grateful that I have found you and for all that you have done for me. I know it is your job but for me it is far more than that. You have helped me change my life where I felt completely stuck, with not much hope. You are an incredible person and therapist and I cannot THANK YOU enough!” KP

testimonials  lower back pain for many years…recommend you try it…”

“I suffered with lower back pain for many years… I guess I just learnt to live with it. Since seeing Sarah, I no longer experience any discomfort in my back!  I really recommend you try it.” MI

testimonials  …none of them have worked as well as Craniosacral Therapy! …completely calmed, grounded and aligned…”

“I just want to thank you Sarah!  Ever since (insert name) was been diagnosed with anxiety, neck pain and ticks, a variety of different treatments have been offered, but none of them have worked as well as Craniosacral Therapy! Your personal touch and gentle way Sarah has completely calmed, grounded and aligned my daughter! Thank you so much!” BG

testimonials  Good for colic…You are like the baby whisperer!”

“I had heard that Craniosacral Therapy is good for colic, but I never thought it could resolve so quickly!  You are like the baby whisperer!”

testimonials  …ME/CFS…healed from many emotional traumas and also sports injuries!  …incredible…safe hands…best of care.”

“I came to Sarah in the hope of relieving various symptoms of ME/CFS. The biggest problem was the tension throughout my body (causing poor sleep, fatigue, pains etc.), which after many different types of treatment and meditation were still there. With the help of Sarah and Craniosacral Therapy, my body and mind has finally learned to relax but also I’m healed from many emotional traumas and also sports injuries! Sarah is incredible. She’s extremely skilled, knowledgeable, understanding and gifted and she has truly changed my life, which I’m forever grateful for. I’m still on my journey but I know now and trust that full recovery is very near. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah and Craniosacral Therapy, it truly is the way to better health.  You are in safe hands and will receive the best of care!” KP

testimonials  …freed up… so gentle can have such powerful results… knowledgeable, professional…”

“I was curious to find out more about Craniosacral Therapy, as I did not know anything about it. Not only did Sarah explain it well to me, she also gave me an unforgettable treatment. It felt as if parts of my body were freed up again and flooded with new energy. It was quite an amazing experience and it is still beyond me how something so gentle can have such powerful results. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very passionate about her work, which makes the experience even more special. Highly recommend.” DA


testimonials  …much better… pain for so long… calmer and happier…”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for treating my mum. She said that she has been feeling so much better and after having the pain for so long I was thinking that she might be stuck with it. She seems so much calmer and happier now.” KC


testimonials  …powerful for anxious young people…grateful…”

“”Your treatments are incredibly powerful for anxious young people. We also are so grateful for the help you gave (child’s name).” HE