Being a Craniosacral Therapy tutor, its so exciting!

Being a Craniosacral Therapy tutor, its so exciting!

Last month I started as a part time tutor for Body Intelligence, London. Although I have done some teaching before, I have never had such a central role on a Craniosacral Therapy training course.

On the first day, I have to admit to feeling a little overwhelmed. Being faced with 25 students, all with very different backgrounds, experience and needs was big! The responsibility seemed even bigger! And yet, I had to remind myself that I was really just a small part of a very strong and experienced organisation and teaching team.

Steve Haines, who was leading the seminar was my main tutor going back 13 years. He has amazing knowledge and is an truly inspirational teacher…. the best in my opinion. Joan Didier who again was a tutor of mine going way back is amazing in a different way. She can assess the room in an instant and see who needs what help. She’s an incredibly grounding influence on me and shows great compassion, even in challenging circumstances. And the other tutors….. all picked for their individual qualities, all with so much enthusiasm and so much to offer the students. I feel honoured to be amongst these people.

And the students! Wow, the students. Most in awe of what they were witnessing and starting to experience. Its exciting stuff! Some realising that putting down their prior knowledge might the most helpful thing they can do. Some realising that therapists need therapy first and foremost! All hopefully gaining insight into their own being and what this work is about.

It’s going to be an exciting two years!

Image courtesy of CSTA.