I am so excited that as of today, I am seeing clients face to face! Its been very frustrating knowing that so many people were in need of help but not able to get it but here we are at last!

If you’re on my waiting list, thank you for being patient all this time, I’ll be in touch as soon as I can to book you in. If you’re not on my waiting list but you’d like to be, please do get in touch. I’m so excited to be back!

All government guidelines are in place of course in order to keep everyone safe. I will be wearing a visor, but there is not need for you wear a face covering unless you would like to. You will be asked to wash your hands on arrival and to sign this disclaimer: https://mcusercontent.com/c2b34e1fd7be6b366a9b65473/files/fad42591-9ff6-4f8b-893d-46ada637a742/Valid_Consent_to_Treatment_Form_10.07.20.pdf

Really looking forward to seeing everyone!