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Chronic pain and how to overcome it

Recent revolutions in science tell us that chronic pain is usually NOT in the tissues! This contradicts many old ideas of how to "fix" pain. Want to know how to overcome chronic pain? What we now understand is that pain is a complex process and that it can often...

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Craniosacral therapy for babies

Even after a seemingly "normal" birth, a baby may suffer with colic, irritability, latching issues, difficulty settling and so on.  In my experience, Craniosacral Therapy is often a very gentle, but successful way of treating these symptoms.  Babies can be cuddled by...

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What is pain and what is happening when we feel it?

What is Pain? Lorimer Moseley discusses pain, the reasons we have it and how we can achieve relief from it. Pain isn't always in the tissues.  We can learn new ways to experience our bodies.  He says that, 'The best interventions focus on slowly training our body and...

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testimonials...the pain in my neck is a lot better, I haven't had nearly as many waves of anxiety and I feel a lot happier!"

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